Magic Sing

Magic Sing is a popular brand of karaoke in the Philippines and amongst Filipinos.

We are often asked the difference between Sing karaokes (Mk6 and Easy Sing) and the Magic Sing, such as the ED karaoke range.  Some of our customers have had broken Magic Sings with no warranty and look for a NZ supplier for their new karaoke.

Sing is the same as Magic Sing except Magic Sing tends to be more cheaply made with as low as  a 2 week warranty when bought from the Philippines.  Magic Sing come with just 2000 songs.

Sing Karaokes comes with 2700 Songs and 2 mics, or the Mk6 with 3000 – 7000 English songs.

Sing is proudly run in Wellington, NZ, and all new mics have a 1 year warranty.  We bring in to NZ all our own karaokes direct from the factory .  Do beware of Magic Sings sold by KHE with a “NZ” website that is actually in Melbourne or no-warranty mic sets from the Philippines.

Our Mk6 full song set of 7000 English songs also comes with over 1000 Tagalog or Philippines songs, and we have many Filipino customers in New Zealand too.

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About Sing Karaoke

phone 021 177 1957
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